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Brisbane Departure World Cruise: 107 - nights


Princess has been sailing on Round World Cruises since 2008. This signature 106-night
Round World Cruise on Sea Princess returns, with new ports and more overnight stays.
• Visit 41 Destinations in 27 countries over 106 nights
• Experience the best of Greenland, Newfoundland and Eastern Canada with calls to Nanortalik, Quebec, Port Saguenay and more
• Enjoy more time ashore with overnight stays in Dubai, Venice, Barcelona, New York and Lima (Callao)
• Experience Barcelona’s Grec Festival

OperatorVesselPorts of CallSailing DatesBrisbane Departure World, 107 - nights
Princess Cruises Sea Princess
Departs: Thu, Jun 7 2018
Arrives: Sat, Sep 22 2018
Cruise code: C814B
Single Cabin from Twin Cabin from Triple Cabin from Quad Cabin from
AUD $49218.46
per person: view
AUD $24650.17
per person: view
AUD $20292.12
per person: view
AUD $19107.01
per person: view
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Cruise Itinerary

DayPorts of callArrivalDeparture
1Brisbane Thu, Jun 7 2018 17:00
2At SeaFri, Jun 8 2018 17:00 
3At SeaSat, Jun 9 2018 17:00 
4At SeaSun, Jun 10 2018 17:00 
5At SeaMon, Jun 11 2018 17:00 
6At SeaTue, Jun 12 2018 17:00 
7At SeaWed, Jun 13 2018 17:00 
8Komodo Island - IndonesiaThu, Jun 14 2018 06:00Thu, Jun 14 2018 16:00
9At SeaFri, Jun 15 2018 16:00 
10At SeaSat, Jun 16 2018 16:00 
11SingaporeSun, Jun 17 2018 09:00Sun, Jun 17 2018 18:00
12At SeaMon, Jun 18 2018 18:00 
13At SeaTue, Jun 19 2018 18:00 
14At SeaWed, Jun 20 2018 18:00 
15ColomboThu, Jun 21 2018 08:00Thu, Jun 21 2018 20:00
16At SeaFri, Jun 22 2018 20:00 
17At SeaSat, Jun 23 2018 20:00 
18At SeaSun, Jun 24 2018 20:00 
19Muscat (Mina Qaboos)Mon, Jun 25 2018 09:00Mon, Jun 25 2018 17:00
20DubaiTue, Jun 26 2018 12:00 
21Dubai Wed, Jun 27 2018 23:00
22At SeaThu, Jun 28 2018 23:00 
23At SeaFri, Jun 29 2018 23:00 
24At SeaSat, Jun 30 2018 23:00 
25At SeaSun, Jul 1 2018 23:00 
26At SeaMon, Jul 2 2018 23:00 
27At SeaTue, Jul 3 2018 23:00 
28AqabaWed, Jul 4 2018 07:00Wed, Jul 4 2018 23:00
29Suez CanalThu, Jul 5 2018 17:00 
30Suez Canal Fri, Jul 6 2018 17:00
31At SeaSat, Jul 7 2018 17:00 
32ArgostoliSun, Jul 8 2018 12:00Sun, Jul 8 2018 22:00
33Kerkyra (Corfu)Mon, Jul 9 2018 08:00Mon, Jul 9 2018 18:00
34KotorTue, Jul 10 2018 08:00Tue, Jul 10 2018 18:00
35DubrovnikWed, Jul 11 2018 07:00Wed, Jul 11 2018 16:00
36RavennaThu, Jul 12 2018 09:00Thu, Jul 12 2018 22:00
37VeniceFri, Jul 13 2018 08:00 
38Venice Sat, Jul 14 2018 18:00
39At SeaSun, Jul 15 2018 18:00 
40MessinaMon, Jul 16 2018 08:00Mon, Jul 16 2018 18:00
41Salerno - ItalyTue, Jul 17 2018 08:00Tue, Jul 17 2018 18:00
42At SeaWed, Jul 18 2018 18:00 
43BarcelonaThu, Jul 19 2018 07:00 
44Barcelona Fri, Jul 20 2018 14:00
45At SeaSat, Jul 21 2018 14:00 
46LisbonSun, Jul 22 2018 12:00Sun, Jul 22 2018 23:00
47At SeaMon, Jul 23 2018 23:00 
48At SeaTue, Jul 24 2018 23:00 
49SouthamptonWed, Jul 25 2018 07:00Wed, Jul 25 2018 23:00
50At SeaThu, Jul 26 2018 23:00 
51Cobh (Cork)Fri, Jul 27 2018 07:00Fri, Jul 27 2018 22:00
52At SeaSat, Jul 28 2018 22:00 
53At SeaSun, Jul 29 2018 22:00 
54ReykjavikMon, Jul 30 2018 09:00Mon, Jul 30 2018 23:00
55At SeaTue, Jul 31 2018 23:00 
56At SeaWed, Aug 1 2018 23:00 
57NanortalikThu, Aug 2 2018 07:00Thu, Aug 2 2018 18:00
58QaqortoqFri, Aug 3 2018 07:00Fri, Aug 3 2018 18:00
59At SeaSat, Aug 4 2018 18:00 
60At SeaSun, Aug 5 2018 18:00 
61Corner Brook (Newfoundland)Mon, Aug 6 2018 08:00Mon, Aug 6 2018 18:00
62At SeaTue, Aug 7 2018 18:00 
63Port SaguenayWed, Aug 8 2018 07:00Wed, Aug 8 2018 18:00
64Quebec CityThu, Aug 9 2018 07:00Thu, Aug 9 2018 23:00
65At SeaFri, Aug 10 2018 23:00 
66CharlottetownSat, Aug 11 2018 12:00Sat, Aug 11 2018 22:00
67At SeaSun, Aug 12 2018 22:00 
68At SeaMon, Aug 13 2018 22:00 
69New YorkTue, Aug 14 2018 07:15 
70New York Wed, Aug 15 2018 16:00
71At SeaThu, Aug 16 2018 16:00 
72CharlestonFri, Aug 17 2018 09:00Fri, Aug 17 2018 23:00
73At SeaSat, Aug 18 2018 23:00 
74MiamiSun, Aug 19 2018 09:00Sun, Aug 19 2018 23:00
75Key WestMon, Aug 20 2018 09:00Mon, Aug 20 2018 23:00
76At SeaTue, Aug 21 2018 23:00 
77At SeaWed, Aug 22 2018 23:00 
78Puerto LimonThu, Aug 23 2018 07:00Thu, Aug 23 2018 19:00
79Panama CanalFri, Aug 24 2018 06:00Fri, Aug 24 2018 16:30
80At SeaSat, Aug 25 2018 16:30 
81MantaSun, Aug 26 2018 05:00Sun, Aug 26 2018 19:00
82At SeaMon, Aug 27 2018 19:00 
83Lima (Callao)Tue, Aug 28 2018 12:00 
84Lima (Callao) Wed, Aug 29 2018 18:00
85At SeaThu, Aug 30 2018 18:00 
86At SeaFri, Aug 31 2018 18:00 
87At SeaSat, Sep 1 2018 18:00 
88At SeaSun, Sep 2 2018 18:00 
89Easter IslandMon, Sep 3 2018 08:00Mon, Sep 3 2018 19:00
90At SeaTue, Sep 4 2018 19:00 
91At SeaWed, Sep 5 2018 19:00 
92Pitcairn IslandsThu, Sep 6 2018 10:00Thu, Sep 6 2018 14:00
93At SeaFri, Sep 7 2018 14:00 
94At SeaSat, Sep 8 2018 14:00 
95PapeeteSun, Sep 9 2018 08:00Sun, Sep 9 2018 23:00
96RaiateaMon, Sep 10 2018 08:00Mon, Sep 10 2018 17:00
97At SeaTue, Sep 11 2018 17:00 
98X Intl DatelineWed, Sep 12 2018 12:00Wed, Sep 12 2018 13:00
99At SeaThu, Sep 13 2018 13:00 
100At SeaFri, Sep 14 2018 13:00 
101At SeaSat, Sep 15 2018 13:00 
102AucklandSun, Sep 16 2018 10:00Sun, Sep 16 2018 23:00
103At SeaMon, Sep 17 2018 23:00 
104At SeaTue, Sep 18 2018 23:00 
105At SeaWed, Sep 19 2018 23:00 
106SydneyThu, Sep 20 2018 07:00Thu, Sep 20 2018 16:00
107At SeaFri, Sep 21 2018 16:00 
108BrisbaneSat, Sep 22 2018 08:00 
Total length of cruise: 107 - nights


7 Jun | Brisbane, Australia
Step onboard Sea Princess® and bid farewell to Brisbane as you prepare to be mesmerised by a world of destinations.

14 Jun | Komodo Island - Indonesia
Home to over 4000 komodo dragons, Komodo Island is a thriving national park. Cast your gaze upon the red, rusty hills, mangrove forests and coral reefs set to impress the most experienced divers+.
+ Due to National Park restrictions, guests will only be allowed onto Komodo Island if they are part of an organised tour, which comes at an additional cost.

17 Jun | Singapore
The commercial centre of South East Asia, Singapore is a lively mix of ethnicities, traditions and modern luxury. Shop up a storm, take in the sights and don’t forget to sample the famous Singapore chilli crab.

21 Jun | Colombo, Sri Lanka
Delve into the stunning beauty of Sri Lanka’s exotic capital, Colombo. Explore the Buddhist temples, fine beaches, unique wildlife and UNESCO World Heritage sites including the last Sinhalese Kingdom at Kandy.

25 Jun | Muscat (Mina Qaboos), Oman
Oman’s capital, Muscat is a mix of old and new. Marvel at the sixteenth century Portuguese ports overlooking the harbour, or take in the fascinating traditional architecture interwoven with modern designs.

26 Jun | Dubai, UAE (Overnight)
There’s so much to do in spellbinding Dubai. Wander the aromatic and bustling souk (market); see the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world; or visit the awe-inspiring Jumeirah Mosque.

4 Jul | Aqaba (for Petra), Jordan
Explore the ancient world with an inspiring visit to the lost city of Petra, featured in films such as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Venture into the surrounding desert to see Wadi Rum, ‘the valley of the moon’.

5 Jul | Suez Canal Transit (Scenic Cruising)
A journey paved by many a merchant, take in the breathtaking desert views as you enjoy a scenic transit from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea.

8 Jul | Cephalonia (Argostoli), Greece NEW
Let this pristine paradise captivate you with its rugged coastlines, limestone cliffs and sandy coves. Cephalonia boasts beautiful, untouched beaches, most of which can only be accessed on foot.

9 Jul | Corfu, Greece NEW
Perched in the Ionian Sea, Corfu boasts some of the finest scenery in the Mediterranean. Once ruled by the Romans, Venetians, English and French, Corfu’s Old Town is a mix of medieval fortresses and modern luxury.

10 Jul | Kotor, Montenegro
This fortified town on the Adriatic coast plays host to gorgeous limestone cliffs, ancient churches and charming cobbled streets. The medieval history is still felt today, making Kotor a one-of-a-kind city sure to delight.

11 Jul | Dubrovnik, Croatia
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city of Dubrovnik is an unforgettable jewel on the Adriatic Sea. This medieval walled city boasts narrow cobbled streets and ancient stone buildings with incomparable views.

12 Jul | Ravenna (for San Marino & Bologna), Italy NEW
Ravenna was witness to the succession of three major civilisations, and was the last capital of the Roman Empire. It is also the gateway to Bologna, home of Europe’s oldest university, and San Marino.

13 Jul | Venice, Italy (Overnight)
Long regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful cities, Venice is most well-known for its stunning architecture and alluring canals. Take a gondola down the Grand Canal, or stroll around famous St Mark’s Square.

16 Jul | Messina (for Mt. Etna & Taormina), Italy NEW
Once a major port for crusaders, Messina has survived countless disasters, including earthquakes and world wars. Now a gateway to the rugged beauty of Mt. Etna and Taormina, this charming city is a historian’s delight.

17 Jul | Salerno, Italy
History abounds in this plentiful region. Explore the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum, set your sights on Mount Vesuvius, or soak up the splendour of the Amalfi coast with a visit to Positano and Sorrento.

19 Jul | Barcelona, Spain (Overnight)
The city that nurtured the likes of Picasso, Dali, and Miro, Barcelona is one of Europe’s greatest treasures. Marvel at the spires of Gaudi’s Basilica La Sagrada Familia or visit the former Olympic Ring on the hill of Montjuic.

22 Jul | Lisbon, Portugal
Once the centre of a maritime empire that stretched from Africa to the East Indies, Lisbon is a city rich with history. Recognisable by its neoclassical architecture, Lisbon features the longest suspension bridge in Europe.

25 Jul | London (Southampton), UK
Southampton is your gateway to the English countryside, historical monuments and of course, London. Visit mysterious Stonehenge, explore the seaside or take a trip into London and see the famous sights.

27 Jul | Cork (Cobh - for Blarney Castle), Ireland
A land of fable and fact, Cork plays host to a wonderful mix of history and folklore. Scale the narrow passages of Blarney Castle and kiss the Blarney Stone, or visit the Lakes of Killarney.

30 Jul | Reykjavik, Iceland
Your gateway to Iceland’s natural wonders, Reykjavik is steeped in Nordic tradition. Home to glaciers, volcanoes, geysers and icy rivers, Reykjavik is most famous for the Blue Lagoon – a breathtaking outdoor geothermal spa.

2 Aug | Nanortalik, Greenland NEW
Like a town straight out of a fairy tale, Nanortalik is a picturesque haven showcasing the very best of southern Greenland. Well-known for its towering mountains and flourishing nature scene, this small town is an unexpected beauty.

3 Aug | Qaqortoq, Greenland NEW
Qaqortoq is a town that will surprise you. Nestled in southernmost Greenland, you’ll be immediately struck by the colourful houses peppered across green hills, and the Norse ruins located close by.

6 Aug | Corner Brook, Canada NEW
A favourite amongst cruise passengers, Corner Brook is a scenic paradise of magnificent fjords, forests and headlands. Visit the Captain James Cook Monument or discover the fishing and mountain villages located along Captain Cook’s Trail.

8 Aug | Port Saguenay (Scenic Cruising of Saguenay River), Canada
Be inspired by a scenic cruise along the Saguenay River, a stunning fjord framed by three national parks. A touch of the Old World, you’ll spot several charming villages lining its banks.

9 Aug | Quebec, Canada NEW
A taste of France in North America, Québec is a timeless gem with an abundance of character, history and elegance. Explore the historic stone buildings of Old Québec, the only remaining walled city north of Mexico.

11 Aug | Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island), Canada NEW
Canada’s smallest province, Prince Edward Island is the perfect example of Canadian hospitality. This stunning island with its rolling green hills and famous red soil inspired the setting of the novel, Anne of Green Gables.

14 Aug | New York, USA (Overnight)
You’ll have plenty of time to wander the concrete catwalks and see all the sights of ‘New York New York’ with an overnight stay in The Big Apple. Central Park, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty…the list goes on.

17 Aug | Charleston, USA
Escape to historic Charleston, where Southern charm’s a-plenty. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time as you navigate cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages and antebellum architecture at every turn.

19 Aug | Miami, USA NEW
Known as the ‘cruise capital of the world’, Miami is a sun-soaked, lively city with plenty to offer. Enjoy a stroll around the Cuban-influenced streets and buildings or kick back on famous South Beach.

20 Aug | Key West, USA
The southernmost city in the United States, Key West is a place to let your hair down. Once the haunt of conquistadors, pirates and presidents, today it’s a colourful and relaxing destination with something to suit everyone.

23 Aug | Limon, Costa Rica NEW
Admire the lush and unspoiled coastline of this idyllic region in Costa Rica. Limon’s exotic fusion of cultures and rich heritage make it an intriguing port for tourists.

24 Aug | Panama Canal (Full Day Transit)
Experience this colossal wonder as you transit between two oceans. Take in the sights as you dine on authentic Panamanian cuisine and let our expert narration guide you as the ship passes through the locks.

26 Aug | Quito (Manta), Ecuador
One of the best-preserved cities in South America, you will marvel at Quito’s 16th and 17th century Baroque architecture. It is also the site of the first major religious structure built in the new world.

28 Aug | Lima (Callao), Peru (overnight)
Once the “City of Kings” and the centre of imperial Spanish rule, Lima is one of South America’s largest cities. Stroll around the historical centre, a UNESCO World Heritage site or visit one of Lima’s many museums.

3 Sep | Easter Island, Chile
Wander amongst the mysterious monoliths on Easter Island on this truly other-worldly experience. Sea Princess anchors off shore, so you have plenty of time to uncover the ancient secrets of this mythical hot spot.

6 Sep | Pitcairn Island (Scenic Cruising)
This small, isolated island located halfway between New Zealand and the Americas is home to less than sixty inhabitants. Enjoy a scenic cruise around this humble island as our onboard guide highlights points of interest.

9 Sep | Tahiti (Papeete)
Immortalised in the novel, Mutiny on the Bounty, Tahiti is an idyllic blend of Polynesian “joie de vivre” and Gallic sophistication. Paradise at its best, you can uncover black-sand beaches, cascading waterfalls, two extinct volcanoes and charming villages.

10 Sep | Raiatea, French Polynesia
Paradise awaits in Raiatea. Unwind on the impossibly white sand, take a dip in the crystal clear ocean or wander the island and uncover traditional Polynesian relics.

16 Sep | Auckland, New Zealand
Auckland’s harbour is surrounded by over 48 extinct volcanoes, including One Tree Hill, once home to Maori earthworks. A transparent elevator to the glass-floored observation deck of the Sky Tower gives 360-degree city views.

20 Sep | Sydney, Australia

22 Sep | Brisbane, Australia


Princess has been sailing on Round World Cruises since 2008. This signature 106-night
Round World Cruise on Sea Princess returns, with new ports and more overnight stays.
• Visit 41 Destinations in 27 countries over 106 nights
• Experience the best of Greenland, Newfoundland and Eastern Canada with calls to Nanortalik, Quebec, Port Saguenay and more
• Enjoy more time ashore with overnight stays in Dubai, Venice, Barcelona, New York and Lima (Callao)
• Experience Barcelona’s Grec Festival


  • Accommodation with private ensuite
  • Full breakfast
  • Buffet or a la carte lunch menu
  • Buffet or 4 course a la carte dinners
  • Musical stage shows and entertainment
  • Special guest entertainers
  • Fully supervised children's programs for ages 3 to 17 years
  • Flat screen TV for in-cabin entertainment
  • Latest release movies (in cabin and on big screen)
  • Complimentary toiletries
  • In cabin safe


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Dolphin Deck 8 view Obstructed Oceanview viewOW $54032enquire now$27055enquire now$21756enquire now$19107enquire now enquire now
Aloha Deck 11 view
Baja Deck 10 view
Caribe Deck 9 view
Interior Stateroom viewIB $49639enquire now$24859enquire now$20292enquire nowN/A enquire now
Dolphin Deck 8 view
Emerald Deck 6 view
Plaza Deck 5 view
Oceanview Stateroom viewOF $59816enquire now$29949enquire now$23661enquire now$20517enquire now enquire now
Emerald Deck 6 view
Plaza Deck 5 view
Oceanview Stateroom viewOC $60221enquire now$30151enquire now$23796enquire now$20618enquire now enquire now
Riviera Deck 12 view
Aloha Deck 11 view
Dolphin Deck 8 view
Emerald Deck 6 view
Plaza Deck 5 view
Interior Stateroom viewIF $49218enquire now$24650enquire nowN/AN/A enquire now
Baja Deck 10 view
Caribe Deck 9 view
Interior Stateroom viewID $49427enquire now$24753enquire nowN/AN/A enquire now
Riviera Deck 12 view
Aloha Deck 11 view
Dolphin Deck 8 view
Emerald Deck 6 view
Plaza Deck 5 view
Interior Stateroom viewIC $49533enquire now$24806enquire nowN/AN/A enquire now
Baja Deck 10 view Balcony viewBX $74799enquire now$37440enquire now$30836enquire now$27534enquire now enquire now
Dolphin Deck 8 view Oceanview Stateroom viewOE $59951enquire now$30016enquire nowN/AN/A enquire now
Aloha Deck 11 view Balcony viewBY $74452enquire now$37267enquire nowN/AN/A enquire now
Riviera Deck 12 view
Aloha Deck 11 view
Balcony viewBF $75232enquire now$37657enquire nowN/AN/A enquire now
Baja Deck 10 view
Caribe Deck 9 view
Balcony viewBD $75923enquire now$38001enquire nowN/AN/A enquire now
Riviera Deck 12 view
Aloha Deck 11 view
Balcony viewBC $76270enquire now$38174enquire nowN/AN/A enquire now
Aloha Deck 11 view
Baja Deck 10 view
Caribe Deck 9 view
Balcony viewBB $76617enquire now$38348enquire nowN/AN/A enquire now
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